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Forklift servicing

A lack of forklift maintenance can lead to serious accidents. It can also result in the breakdown of the equipment and unscheduled stoppages to the work process.

Regulation 5 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) states: “Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”. This is primarily to ensure that the equipment is safe, but it also has implications for productivity.

A sound system of daily or pre-shift checks on your forklift is the cornerstone of good maintenance. This ensures that essential fluids are kept topped up and potential defects are identified before they become a problem.

Forklift trucks have chains, cylinders, valves and seals, all of which are vulnerable to the ingress of dirt of any description. This dirt will cause such components to deteriorate and fail prematurely. Premature failure leads to disruptive unscheduled maintenance and extra cost. In addition, trucks that operate with or around corrosive materials will be exposed to possible damage to these components as well as the chassis, bodywork, cab etc..

FORKLIFT SERVICEOur Forklift Servicing and planned maintenance.

At ACJN forklifts our team of skilled service engineers, are trained to the highest standards, they are also fully trained Inspectors. Their service vehicles are fully equipped to ensure that your forklift is maintained properly and to the manufacturers recommendations.

Regular, forklift servicing should be scheduled in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer of your equipment. The time interval between the various services and inspections will vary according to the intensity of use and the working environment. Forklift trucks are regarded as “plant” for maintenance purposes and time intervals are recorded in hours. At ACJN we state this in months to help you determine the planned dates for maintenance activity.

A Thorough Examination is a statutory requirement for lifting equipment under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER 98), Regulation 9. It has the same purpose as an MOT inspection by providing a report which identifies that your forklift equipment is safe to use. It is just as important as an MOT – probably more so! There is a legal requirement for a Thorough Examination to be carried out on forklift trucks at least once a year, and often more frequently depending on conditions of use.

FORKLIFT SPARESForklift repairs

In the event of a breakdown of your forklift, our engineers carry a range of spare parts allowing us to offer an excellent first time fix rate, keeping equipment down time to a minimum, thus maintaining productivity for you. Our engineers are based all over the UK, with direct access to our huge range of forklift spare parts, we can ensure the fast response times necessary to keep your business running.

Should you have an immediate requirement for forklift service, a repair, or you need to discuss a planned schedule of maintenance for one forklift or an entire fleet of forklift trucks, talk to us first.

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Forklift fact

The forklift was invented in 1917 by Larry Sexton for the Clarke Forklift Company, but, around 1923 the industry saw changes that led to the modern forklift as we know it today.

Battery powered forklift trucks were introduced during the First World War.



ACJN Ltd is one of the Largest Forklift Truck Hire Companies in the UK. For a fixed monthly cost you can hire a forklift with maintenance and service included.

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Our workshops

Here at ACJN Ltd, our workshops are extensive and fully equipped to repair, refurbish and re-condition most makes of forklift trucks. We can also paint forklift trucks in your companies livery, arrange for collection and delivery anywhere in the UK, Europe or even world wide.